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Elan Trotman

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About: Growing up in Barbados, Elan remembers hearing calypsos, reggae and local music in his early days. He started with piano lessons when he was seven, taking up the saxophone five years later. When Elan was in high school, saxophonist Arturo Tappin became his mentor. “That’s when I became more exposed to other genres outside of our native music. Arturo Tappin went to Berklee in the late 1980s when he returned to the island he brought with him a lot of information on American jazz. He liked to fuse calypsos and reggae with jazz.” While in high school, Elan led his own band, performing at shows on campus. He worked with a couple of gospel groups, eventually forming his own combo, Inspiration, playing at local shows and festivals. Elan was also inspired by Grover Washington Jr. and other contemporary musicians who performed at the Barbados Jazz Festival.

Elan was awarded a full scholarship to Berklee by the Barbados government, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. “At Berklee, the most beneficial thing for me was the environment since it is such a melting pot of talents. We all learned from each other, taking solos, sitting in with people, and interacting with each other. I learned to be a more well-rounded musician.” Because he has always had a passion to be an educator, Elan became an elementary music teacher in the Boston public school system shortly after he graduated, and it is a role that he still enjoys today.
Location: Boston, United States
Music Genres: Jazz. Saxophone,
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