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Lo-Fi Cowboy

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About: Lo-fi Cowboy is a band from Vernon BC. They are performing in and around Vernon with as a new musical duo.The music John writes and performs is still the same gritty bluesy ballads and rockin' story teller stuff he has always been known for. He's even invented a small drum kit he plays with his feet while playing his guitar and singing. A very cool scene indeed! Nominated for 'Peformer Of The Year' in 2005 by the 'Scorpion Music Awards' held in Kelowna BC, and having played every major Okanagan music festival including the 'Funtastic Music Festival' and the 'Komasket Music Festival' three years in a row, John is still hard at performing and recording his unique original gritty folk rock. Watch for perfromance dates in your area. Buy Lo-fi Cowboy's latest CD '30th Avenue Pawn' through John's Email too. You won't regret it!
Location: Vernon, BC, Canada
Music Genres: Blues Ballads
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