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Billion7HelpUploading Photos
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Uploading Photos

To add a profile picture and start uploading photos, go to the Upload Photos page.

You can upload up to 9 photographs. Uploading a photo can take a few minutes. The time it takes will depend on the size of the photo and the speed of your internet connection. After your photo has been uploaded there will also be a short delay while the photo is being processed, which involves resizing the image into 4 different sizes.

Once the photo has been successfully uploaded you will be able to add a title, a description, and with the ‘Viewable By’ option, set who can see the photo. To edit a photo you just need to click on the ‘Edit’ link near the top of the page. When you view all of your photos on one page, you can also click on the small ‘Edit’ link just below each photo.

If you'd like your photos to stand out from the crowd, you can choose a frame for each photo. You can even customize your photos page, by choosing a background pattern.