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About: Join millions of other users around the world who use RARBG as their go-to place for all things torrenting. Only, read the guide first to make sure you are doing it right!

Torrents have been keeping the world entertained for twenty years, ever since Bram Cohen released BitTorrent in 2001. He created a software with which people could enter torrent URLs, and from there they could download content, thanks to a group of other people all over the world who all agreed to share the file they wanted.

These days, we all have our favorite torrent site, and for millions, their go-to torrenting site is RARBG. In the top five of the world’s best torrenting sites, RARBG is continually updated with the best, up-to-date rarbg proxy sites where you can find any premium content you could wish for, and without you having to pay a single penny.

Information: Founded in 2008, RARBG was set up in Bulgaria, hence the BG at the end of the name, a nod to the founders’ home country. Very little else is known about the creators of RARBG. They certainly didn’t create the king of torrent sites to gain notoriety, as practically nobody knows who they are.
Location: United States
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