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Shark APEX AZ1002: Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Shark is one of the most reputable vacuum cleaner makers in the industry at the moment. For decades, the company has been delivering their promises well of great design, quality, and performance. Fortunately, we weren’t disappointed with the Shark APEX AZ1002 when we tested it. This good vacuum cleaner is at the Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners and has been endorsed by quite a lot of customers.

In this article, we’re delving deep into the various details that make this vacuum cleaner such a good machine.

1. Top-Class Performance

The AZ1002 has incredibly strong suction power, thanks to the heavy-duty electric motor packed inside the machine. We ran the vacuum through a series of tests and it proved to be effective on all sorts of surfaces – From hardwood floors to heavily-carpeted areas of the home. 

The vacuum managed to clean out all dirt particles and debris from the thickest of carpets we could find. Notably, the three floor modes that it’s equipped with have balanced and great suction between them, unlike the less expensive vacuums that often don’t have consistent power for each floor configuration.

For this reason, all house designs will work with this best rated vacuum.

We have also found out that the performance is also quite great on upholstery.

This vacuum is also equipped with a “Lift-Away” mode, which allows you to detach the canister (including the motor and the dust cup) from the rest of the body. Cleaning on stairs and underneath furniture will be considerably easier. 

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2. Design

The AZ1002 is quite heavy at 16 pounds in its full, upright configuration. However, the extra sturdiness is well-worth the extra weight. Additionally, the vacuum is surprisingly maneuverable, so the weight really doesn’t affect the cleaning experience too much. 

In its canister configuration, the vacuum doesn’t wobble too much. Wobbling is a problem that’s known with Shark’s canister vacuums, but they seem to have figured out a fix for the AZ1002.

The vacuum is easy to assemble and only takes a couple of minutes to put together. A brief view of the design shows that it is filled with nice features worthy of its premium price, like LED headlights to illuminate dark corners and highlight tiny debris on the floor. The controls are also comprehensive and ergonomic.

But for pet owners especially, the AZ1002 has Zero-M technology which automatically untangles hair from the brush roll while you’re vacuuming. This is extremely helpful for dealing with pet hair.

The dust cup is fairly large and easy to open for emptying. In the less-expensive versions of Shark vacuums, you usually have to deal with a huge number of latches to open the dust cup. On the AZ1002, all that’s required is the push of a button.

3. Accessories

There are a couple of accessories to help you with your cleaning task in the box. The crevice tool helps you clean in hard-to-reach grooves, nooks and crannies. For pet owners, the pet power brush will work wonders for removing pet hair from the floor or on furniture. The upholstery tool gently cleans upholstered furniture like the pillows without damaging them.

There are storage slots right on the vacuum for you to store all three attachments.


Concluding this article that forms part of the best vacuum reviews, we hope that you’ve found all of the information that you were looking for and that it is helpful to you.

Still, we recommend that you read through a few more of our reviews before making a purchase decision. There are still many The Best Vacuum Cleaners out there; the AZ1002 is just one of a dozen!

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