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About: I'm a Keyboard player in to Classic Rock, Jazz/Rock Fusion, Funk, Blues and Gothic as long as it is atmospheric. I prefer to play my Hammond Organ where possible but will play any other keyboards where required such as Piano, Rhodes, Wurly, Strings, Synth, Pads, etc. etc.

I'd like one day to work on originals again feel drawn to do a Gothic EP. I have a mental note of three song titles I want to write the EP for. Anybody wants to collaborate let me know. I'm open to any suggestions.....

I do love a good jam too, gives me chance to express myself... I wrote my own jam, it's called Effergy - (F or G). We play Fmaj7 and G the whole time and do gratuitous solos with plenty of light and shade... :-) Try it, get in to a groove and you'll be lost for hours potentially!

My other interest is photography, it's a purely for pleasure thing but if anybody wants to buy any of my photographs they are welcome. I won't charge much... Feel free to ask the question.......
Location: Midlands, United Kingdom - England
Professional Status: Self-employed
Occupation: Musician
Skills: Keyboard
Hobbies & Interests: rock, blues, gothic,
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