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Susi Galloway

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About: My paintings reflect a fascination for the outdoors, breathtaking scenery, unique viewpoints, illusions and dreamscapes. I love strong contrasts, bold and vibrant colors. My favored subjects are opulent, vibrant scenery, weather, portraits and visionary/surreal imagery. I capture moments that seem like poetry, and strive to inspire joy for life, creativity, imagination and Illusion.

I work with traditional brush and paint, and I also paint with digital brush. I experiment with the old and the new, and enjoy exploring new creative media and frontiers.

I also enjoy bringing stories to life with vibrant and beautiful images, and specialize in children's, book, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and horror illustrations.

For more info please visit my blog or official website.
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Location: Clearwater, Florida, United States
Home Location: Switzerland
Professional Status: Self-employed
Occupation: Artist
4856 views since 14 November 2009