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Elk River Harmonicas

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Elk River Harmonicas
Elk River Harmonicas
Playing the harmonica fast ...
Seydel Circular, one harp played in seven keys ...
Triola, music education system for children ...
My Space music page
Location: United States
Professional Status: Business owner
Looking For: Employment, business contacts
Occupation: Journalist, harmonica sales
Skills: Working knowledge of the German language, able to find simple solutions to complex problems. I am a founding member of the Elk River Boys band. That's me, the owner, Dave Payne Sr.

Elk River Harmonicas offers the complete line of Seydel harmonicas as well as custom products.
Relationship Status: Married
Hobbies & Interests: Harmonica playing, music history, especially that of the coal-field blues and bluegrass. Hunting, fishing and, of course, playing music.
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